Our manufacturing enterprise has advanced European and Russian equipment (providing complete metalworking production cycle) for cutting, bending, welding, stamping and bulging of cold-rolled steel and rolled steel preliminary galvanized by Sendzimir process with thickness of 0.7 – 4.0 mm. Applied technologies allow us to produce continuously any types of metal cable trays from solid trays 50 × 50 mm to heavy duty ladder trays (cable ladders).

Quality of cable support structures by Partner LLC is ensured by consistent raw material characteristics which are achieved due to direct contracts with iron& steel producers (Severstal, NLMK, MMK) and fully transparent supply chain. Raw material quality control systems implemented at the enterprise prevent producing defective products because of poor quality rolled steel.

A stock of high demand products is always available at the enterprise warehouse. High-quality packaging and well-adjusted logistics chains enable us to satisfy quickly our client’s requirements.

The above benefits together with efficient use of production resources allow us to offer products (cable support systems) at prices which are on average 15 % lower than the prices of our market competitors.

We provide now and guarantee in future attractive prices for our clients also due to the fact that we are an exclusively Russian company and we use raw materials and components manufactured by approved Russian suppliers.

Due to our wide range of products, our products can easily replace technically similar products by such foreign manufacturers as DKC, OBO Bettermann, Oglaend systems (HILTI), Vergokan, Meka, PUK-Werke, Schneider Electric and many others.

Since January 2016, the cable support systems and structures by Partner LLC manufactured according to TR 3449-001-65996737-10 (solid and perforated cable trays, ladder cable trays, cable racks and shaped sections) have passed an expert examination in VCS INTERGAZCERT and have been approved for use at the construction facilities of PJSC Gazprom.