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Cable trunks

Straight cable trunks comply with GOST R IEC 61084-1-2007. According to para. 3.1.1. of the above GOST, a “cable trunking system is: a system of closed shells consisting of a casing and a removable or opening cover designed for routing of insulated wires, cables and cords and/or for installation of other equipment inside of it.”

Cable trunks, unlike cable trays, cannot be operated without covers.

Product line of cable trunks includes the following:

  • Straight cable trunks;
  • Shaped sections;
  • Accessories;

Each straight and shaped section of a cable trunk is a fully packaged item consisting of the following:

  • Trunk;
  • Cover;
  • Connector;
  • Cover hold-down clamp;
  • Set of fasteners.

Standard length of a straight trunk section is 3000 mm. It is also possible to manufacture straight sections 3500, 2500, 2000 mm long.

Cover is fastened to a cable trunk with a nut and stud included in the supply package.

Cable trunks may be manufactured with sizes which are not specified in the Catalog.