Logistics and sales area

Logistics and sales area

Skilled specialists of our Company’s Logistics Department are always ready to offer the best possible option for supply of our electrical installation products considering specific features of the facility location, climate conditions and modes of transport which include:

  • Railway transport
  • Road transport
  • Marine/river transport
  • Air transport

For the required mode of transport, a special packaging (container) is determined preventing product damage during their delivery. When delivered in a container, weight distribution and weight alignment shall be considered to eliminate tilting during loading/unloading. 

Our Company has direct contracts with JSC Russian Railways, Business Lines LLC and leading logistics companies of Russia.

An insurance certificate is executed for all the products shipped by Partner LLC.


With each product batch, a Customer receives a complete document set, including the following:

  • consignment note
  • quality certificate protected with a holographic pattern
  • certificate of conformity
  • detailed loading plan
  • installation guidelines